Vitalis Medical Institution was founded in 2001. We have been taking care of Your health for more than a decade. In the beginning our staff consisted of only two persons – today we count 25 experts that take care of Your health. Key activities of Vitalis Medical Institution are – physical therapy at home, physical therapy at our polyclinic and patient home care.
At Vitalis we take care of a large number of satisfied clients, who were previously operated at the Etela Clinic in Zagreb, and Special hospital for Orthopedics and Traumatology Akromion at Krapinske spa.


Vitalis mission is to maintain the existing quality of health services and their continuous improvement, to the satisfaction of all our existing and future clients.


Our services


    - ultrasound therapy
    - laser therapy
    - magnet
    - tens
    - electrostimulation
    - galvanic current
    - diadinamic current


    - trakcija kralježnice (dekompresija) uz dubinsko zagrijavanje solux lampom
    - successful treatment of spinal disc herniation, degenerative changes, scoliosis, headache, vertigo


    - individual
    - group
    - children (skolioze, kifoze) and adults
    - bobath therapy for adults and Bobath therapy for children
    - PNF stretching or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
    - Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization