The Emmett method is a manual and very rapid method in physiotherapy which, on activation of the right muscle, yields efficient results, as soon as muscle correction is carried out. The effect of the work done can be immediately tested by measuring strength, range of motion or balance. The places where the pressure is applied are referred to as Emmett points, namely the points of overlapping sensory or receptor muscular points. The Emmett method activates the stored harmful movement and/or balance patterns, and their removal, through the work of different structures of the central nervous system, immediately creates the new movement patterns, without pain and with better balance – depending on the clinical presentation and the problems presented by the patient.

Also, it should be emphasized that this method can be used as a complement to any other physical or manual technique and exercise system. It offers a valuable addition for anyone who wants to relieve pain and discomfort and improve the musculoskeletal and neurological functions. The patient can be treated standing up, sitting or lying down, and the treatment can be applied directly to the patient’s skin or over clothes.