Fitness can be defined as a process which helps a person starting from a certain physical condition to obtain a final state of good physical and mental health. Fitness is often treated as synonymous with weight-lifting and fitness clubs, but it is in fact much more than lifting weights. It encompasses properly planned and programmed training sessions, properly planned nutrition and properly planned rest intervals, that is, fitness implies a healthy lifestyle. Physical fitness is a special form of fitness which is defined as the ability to perform moderate to intense level of physical activity without fatigue, as well as maintenance of this ability throughout one’s lifetime. A good physical fitness allows one to carry out daily activities and chores without fatigue and to feel healthy, content and able to carry out these activities.

At our institution, we offer the services of performing individual fitness exercises under the supervision of a trained fitness coach, and performing fitness exercises in a group. Physical fitness can be general or specific. General physical fitness implies optimum health and body condition, while specific physical fitness encompasses physical abilities to achieve specific goals in daily life or in sports.

Performance of fitness exercises helps with:
• Cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, slightly increased blood pressure, atherosclerosis) prevention and rehabilitation
• Osteoporosis prevention and rehabilitation
• Prevention of some forms of malignant diseases, especially breast and colon cancer type 2 diabetes (insulin-independent)
• Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders
• Positive effect on all organ systems, especially cardiovascular and respiratory
• Maintenance of target body mass and a good fat and fat-free body mass ratio (reduces subcutaneous fat tissue, tones and increases muscle mass and bone density)
• Elimination of toxins from the body, which helps to reduce cellulite and maintain good digestion
• Positive effect in fighting depression
• Reduction of negative effects of stress
• Improvement of sleep quality
• Increase of overall energy levels