Therapeutic ultrasound

Ultrasound is primarily used in physical medicine as a therapeutic remedy. It has a mechanical function; it is about a micro-massage, mechanical compression and streching of tissue and the motion of individual tissue particles. The most important activity of ultrasound is the thermal one. The mechanical energy that goes through tissue turns ultrasound into heath, especially in places where there’s a reflection of ultrasound, which is the boundary between soft tissue and bone.
The duration of application is 5-10 minutes depending on the situation; if less acute then it’s shorter. Ultrasound does not apply to the structure of the central nervous system, heart area and the gravid uterus.
Therapeutic ultrasound is commonly used in various soft tissue dysfunctions, chronic degenerative diseases, enthesitis, bursitis, tendovaginitis, capsulitis, ligament injuries, shoulder pain and stall, radial and ulnar epicondylitis.